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Location & Facilities


Our Indoor Classrooms.

Our convenient location in downtown Iowa City connects us to our community and all of it's resources.  It is also surrounded by our favorite nature locations.

Our Nature Classrooms.

It doesn't get much better than right here in Eastern Iowa when it comes to access to beautiful and varied natural locations for kids to learn about and explore. Almost daily trips to local nature preserves and locations mean kids have experiences that encourage risk-taking, creativity, team building, and resilience. Spending time in nature also has long been proven to decrease stress and anxiety.

Our Community Classrooms.

Learning doesn't just happen inside classrooms or on nature campuses. Connecting kids to their community and giving them a sense of value and purpose is one of our essential goals at Tamarack.  When students experience their communities in action and are allowed to take part in them, they see their place in their world and understand that they have a voice and perspective that matters, now.  Rather than classroom teachers needing to be the experts on all things - utilizing experts working in areas of study brings authenticity and a level of knowledge unmatched in a typical classroom setting. 

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