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Tamarack trees are strong, flexible, and intolerant of living in the shade.

We believe kids are, too.

Dandelion Fields


Tamarack Discovery School is a multi-age K-6 school whose purpose is to create a learning environment that fosters the development of the whole child, acknowledging each child's uniqueness, passions, and potential.   Our curriculum comes from fostering connections with students and their community, nature, each other, and finding their sense of purpose.


Our Mission

Our deepest mission is to cultivate a community of learners that develop agency and resilience. Through wonder, experience, and explored interests, our children can discover their own identity, purpose, and connection to the greater environment.

Beyond the Walls

Rather than keep students inside all day, our school exists to take students outside of our classroom walls, experiencing the benefits of the world as our classroom. Spending time in nature is good for both physical and mental health, and our community is a rich resource full of opportunities for learning, service, and connection.

Small and Multi-Age

We believe students learn best in diverse groups that bring varying perspectives, strengths, strategies, and ideas. We also know that we are in a time where smaller groups matter. Our educator/student ratio of 1:8 honors kids' need to socially learn while allowing for individual attention and social distancing.

Student-Centered Learning

What if we could teach children outside the culture of standardization of curriculum and testing?  We know that our kids' future looks different, so should their education.  High expectations and differentiated scaffolding mean students are able to move through curriculum at a pace set for their needs.  Our small class sizes allow teachers to support each individual student and always be pursuing their next goal.

Covid-19 Precautions:
Maintaining small cohorts of students and continued use of masks and/or face shields when indoors or in enclosed spaces, such as on the bus and when working in close proximity to others (less than 6 feet) will remain in effect until conditions change.  Outdoor learning, play, and exploration will be prioritized as much as possible.

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