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Tamarack trees are strong, flexible, and intolerant of living in the shade.

We believe kids are, too.

Dandelion Fields

Tamarack Discovery School is a multi-age PreK-6th grade school where our community is our classroom. Our students go out into the world every single day of school, exploring both urban and natural environments. Our curriculum comes from building authentic connections with students and their community, nature, and each other.


Beyond the Walls

Rather than keep students inside all day, Tamarack students experience the benefits of the world as our classroom. Spending time in nature nourishes both physical and mental health, and our community offers rich opportunities for learning, service, and connection.

Small and Multi-Age

We believe students learn best in diverse groups that bring varying perspectives, strengths, and strategies. Smaller class sizes foster stronger relationships for both academic and social-emotional learning. Our educator/student ratio honors kids' needs to socially learn while allowing for individual attention.

Student-Centered Learning

We know that our kids' future looks different; so should their education.  High expectations and differentiated scaffolding mean students are able to move through curriculum at a pace set for their needs. Our small class sizes allow teachers to support each individual student as they pursue and achieve their next goal.

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