Covid Policies and Protocol


All Covid policies for Tamarack Discovery School are based on guidelines from the CDC, as well as input from a healthcare professional at UIHC. They are subject to change, based on current best practice, community spread, and professional recommendations. 


  • If a student or staff tests positive and has been at school during the contagious period, all classmates and teachers of that class will quarantine for 14 days, beginning the day the last exposure occurred. 


  • A person is considered to be contagious 48 hours before symptoms begin and at least 10 days after symptoms begin. 


  • A person who has tested positive and has had symptoms may return to class 

    • After 10 days since symptoms appeared

    • AND 48 hours fever-free without use of fever-reducing medication

    • AND 48 hours after symptoms cease.


  • If there has been no cross-contact between classrooms, it is not necessary for both classrooms and staff to quarantine.


  • If a family member or close contact of a student or staff tests positive, that student or staff must quarantine until 10 days after the affected party’s symptoms subside. A note from a doctor will be required before returning to school.


  • When a classroom is under quarantine, educational materials will be provided for remote learning.


  • Tuition is still required during quarantine, as long as the school is still in operation. In the event all schools must close and Tamarack is no longer allowed to remain open, tuition fees will be waived.


  • All Tamarack students, families, and staff will promptly communicate any Covid-related symptoms, exposures, or positive cases to the Tamarack directors.